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A smooth and flexible, dual stimulating vibrator designed with your body in mind.

She has flat surfaces that are specifically curated for the g-spot and clitoris and minimal plastic components to allow you to move and flex her as your body pleases

Amethyst Specifications

Product size: 220x33.5mm

Product weight: 215g

Battery type: Flexible polymer lithium battery

Battery capacity: 700mah

Material: food/medical grade silicone

Charge time:120 minutes

Use time: 120 minutes

Noise: less than 30db

Power input: 5V

Frequency: 3 speeds + 8 frequency

USB charging

100% waterproof

Certifications: CE, CA65


Package contains:

1x Amethyst Vibe

1 x usb charger

1x satin storage bag

1 x user manual

Amethyst Key Features

Flexible Designed with minimal plastic components so she can bend and flex to suit YOUR body

Ergonomic Design Designed with play in mind, her handles are strong yet soft to the touch. Her creamy texture minimises the vibration sensation in your hands while you play

Whisper Quiet at less than 35 decibals she is significantly quieter than most toys in the market and will allow you free play without waking the neighbours, or kids

Rechargeable Take your USB charger with you. Pop her on after use to ensure she is well charged for your next session

Flat Surfaces Ergonomically angled to hit the elusive Gspot and a smooth rounded mushroom head for perfect clitoral stimulation.

Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews

This marvelous toy is helping me reconnect with my post-menopausal body! At 60, I'm dancing with the usual shifts in libido, vaginal tone, and general juiciness. In the past, most toys have been too intense for me, or the texture is all wrong. This purple wonder feels like skin to me, and with 11 different vibrational settings to choose from, I can custom tailor each encounter to my particular needs....and desires.
AND I have to say that customer service is outstanding. I had a personal email exchange with the owner of the company. Her commitment to customer satisfaction (in every way!) is admirable. You will not be disappointed!

Von M.
Von M.

As an almost 50 yr old woman who is a survivor of child sexual abuse, enjoyment of intimacy has been a very rare experience for me. So when I read an article about Lara and her business Elixir Play just a few months ago, I wondered whether her products could help me discover what has been missing for so long. After talking with the very knowledgeable Lara about what product might be best for me, I purchased ‘Amethyst’. ‘She’ is everything that Lara said she would be and more. Most importantly for me, I don't feel intimidated by Amethyst, in fact she is very soft to the touch and does not in any way resemble male genitalia.
My journey with Amethyst has been a very slow one, but a very positive one. I am a work in progress and I am very grateful to Lara and Elixir Play for the genuine thought and care that they have put into creating their products.

Highly Recommend!

I purchased amethyst after a friend recommended her. And she is absolutely amazing. I love the way she can bend and move to my body and hit all the right places. I loved her so much that I bought Garnet too so I could share with my husband! And I would highly recommend both.

Happy, Amazing!!

Cannot recommend this product enough!! Not only is the design SO cute but this product actually works!! Customer service was also brilliant.. both hubby and I are very happy!!!


I've tried over one hundred vibrators and I can tell you, Elixir Play Amethyst would have to be one of my faves. Multiple orgasms galore...HA

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