How to use our toys

We realise that sometimes when you take a sex toy out of the box, it can be a little confusing, so we have made a ‘how to’ video to ensure that your experience is always amazing, with any of our toys.

What makes Elixir Play Unique?

Designed for women by women, our products are all designed with YOU in mind.


First and foremost, all of our toys were designed with YOU in mind. Thinking about anatomy, psychology and physiology – all of ours toys were designed to ensure that our users (women) would enjoy the experience. Simple, elegant toys that are silky smooth to touch without compromising on function. Handles that are comfortable to hold and simple charging. All toys are waterproof.

Super Quiet

All our toys use the latest technology of super quiet motors to ensure they are super discreet. We have spent hours refining all components to ensure a quiet and pleasurable product for you.


Each toy can be kept in original box packaging, designed as simple white for discreet storage. We have also included a luxurious velvet bag with all products so that you can keep your toy safe and clean. We would always recommend storing your toy inside a bag or packaging to keep clean. Please also ensure you clean your toy before and after each use.

Discreet Packaging

Our products arrive in a simple box. You could even have delivered to work and no one will know.

Giving Back

While our mission is for ALL women to have a pleasurable and consensual sexual experience, we know this isn’t always true. We donate a portion of each product to foundations that work to stop sex trafficking.

Mission Statement

We are passionate about helping empower, inform and design products that assist women in their desire for sexual health. We want to ensure that all our products encompass the highest quality and design to enhance the users experience.

Our commitment is to work with a vast array of users, health care professionals and designers to ensure that our products continue to drive the importance of female pleasure.