Self love

It’s that time of year. The time when everything comes out in heart shapes, where we are bombarded with love themes and told that we should be so excited for this single, random day which is the love of love day that is Valentine’s Day. Some of us will be super excited, others dreading the

From Endomentriosis to women’s pleasure products: One woman’s quest to change the way we think about sex toys

I was 14 when I was first diagnosed with Endo. After irregular periods and pelvic issues, a laparoscopy confirmed the diagnosis. I started the pill and had some reprieve for a few years. After countless visits to some of the “best known” gynaecologists in Sydney and multiple laparoscopy’s, I was told it was “in my

Choosing Toys

Choosing a toy, whether your first or 50th toy can be exceptionally overwhelming. There are so many choices, styles, colours, promises of the best orgasms of your life! We have set out to help assist. On our site, next to each toy you will be find a comprehensive description of the toy and how it works.

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