About Us


Thank you so much for visiting our site! I started this business to make a difference to the lives of women around the world. For those who were experiencing pain, not enjoying sex, wanting more out of their sex-life or looking for fun, I wanted to create an experience you could enjoy.

Every detail in these products has been overseen by women who personally use the products to ensure all our products are comfortable, beautiful and importantly quiet. It’s never fun to get your new toy which looks amazing, only to discover that it sounds like a lawn mower! You will notice that all products come with a luxurious bag for you to keep your toy both clean and discreet.

Elixir Play is continually working to innovate and look forward to bringing you products that can help you achieve your sexual desires and assist in your overall sexual health.

Our commitment to sexual health for all women means that a percentage of each sale will be donated to charities that are working towards ending human sex trafficking. We are working towards a world where sex is a positive and consensual experience for every human being. Hopefully, with your help and in our small way we can contribute to a world where no woman is ever forced into any kind of sexual experience she is unwilling to be a part of.

Lara xx

Mission Statement

We are passionate about helping empower, inform and design products that assist women in their desire for sexual health. We want to ensure that all our products encompass the highest quality and design to enhance the users experience.
Our commitment is to work with a vast array of users, health care professionals and designers to ensure that our products continue to drive the importance of female pleasure.