What did lube do to the world?!?!

Ok….So I want to know what Lube did to piss off the world?!?!? What could it have possibly done that people feel like it’s an insult to use it? And some kind of gold medal, Olympic performance worthy experience if you DON’T have to use it?

Because here is the reality. We ALL could do with a bit of lube. Our bodies go through so many changes that I guarantee, at one point or another….lube would’ve been useful. And I don’t mean spit (as commonly seen in porn). I mean quality, well manufactured, PH balanced Lubricant.

So the reason I am so fired up, is because in all my research and just general conversations with people, it has become glaringly obvious at how underutilised this amazing resource (that’s what we are now calling it) is. You see, vaginas are complex. And they have soooo many differing and competing hormones and checks and balances that sometimes, providing adequate lubrication for incoming objects is just not high on the list. And sometimes, often in fact, there are conditions that affect our bodies ability to lubricate. These include: anxiety, diabetes, smoking, alcohol, the pill, periods, pregnancy, post pregnancy, menopause…you know…life. So clearly, many reasons. And yet…still, we have this anti-lube society. Women are embarrassed to admit they want or need it and men sometimes feel like it’s a victory lap if they don’t need it.

But here is the thing, lubricant can help on so many levels. There are all these memes about it. The ones that describe that feeling of going down your favourite waterslide where its all easy to get down and you are moved from side to side until you finally get grinded to a halt at the end and your swimmers at this point are likely pretty far up your butt. But it was fun. Now lets relive that same experience but just a trickle or water, or maybe none. Like when the slide gradient changes and all of a sudden your butt is up against the friction of plastic and you walk off with third degree burns. Not so fun right? Well, our vaginas are the same! One way would feel like the amazing slide experience where everything glides in and out easily and its comfortable and pleasurable for both. The other, it feels like you are being stabbed and its hard to move because there is nothing there to help. The difference of the two is lubricant. Now if you are one of those women who has Niagara falls going on all day every day, amazing, You can stop reading now. But I will bet no one did. Because we have all had times where it just wasn’t like that. And if we spoke about it more, or at least thought about it, we would all realise that lubricant is the answer.

So here is my challenge to you. Try it. Just give it a go. And see if its better. If it isn’t, you wasted a few dollars and such is life. But maybe this is the turning point. Of all the reasons sex may be painful or less enjoyable, this is certainly the most common and the easiest to fix. So know you are not alone. I put my hand up publicly to say I have used lube and love it…so now you don’t have to be the only person who needed it ????

Lara xx

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