Introducing Sex Toys To Your Partner

So introducing a sex toy into the bedroom can be a little daunting. However research suggests that it can have a huge improvement to overall sexual experience and many men are becoming more comfortable with their use.

  1. Communicate: Communication is absolutely critical in the bedroom. Talk to your partner about your desires and how your new toy can help you both. Your new toy shouldn’t be “instead of” your partner, but rather a way to help you both achieve even more pleasure. Reassure your partner that this will enhance, rather than replace them.
  2. Make it fun: Dress up, feel confident and sexy and make it exciting. Our toys are specifically designed to be fun and enjoyable. Show your partner where and how to use the toy on you and give them the control and power for your pleasure.
  3. Start with something simple: If your partner is feeling a little threatened, perhaps starting out within a giant 20inch dildo isn’t appropriate ????. Many of our toys are designed for clitoral stimulation that can be used during sex. This will allow you to both enjoy the experience while still making the most of each other
  4. Be honest: It is perfectly normal to need to spice things up and to require external stimulation After all, over 70% of us do! Talk openly and honestly about what makes you feel good and focus on your needs.
  5. Sex toys are an aide, they don’t replace intimacy: Ultimately the only person you can feel connected to is your partner and a sex toy wont replace that
  6. Positive affirmation: Reminding your partner how much you care about them is a great way to help intimacy. Keep the conversation positive and reassuring.
  7. Know your body: Get to know your body and what turns you on. Male bodies simply don’t have the anatomical functions to stimulate the clitoris. While hands may work and of course, great for you if they do, having something else can help the sex be even better!

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