Everything you need to know about squirting


We have all heard about it, some of us may have experienced it, some of us may be curious and others horrified. But there is no denying it….squirting happens. It is something that has mystified scientists and health care practitioners and most importantly, women for years. I put it down to our lack of knowledge about female sex organs. Let us not forget that it wasn’t until 1998 when Australia’s very own Helen O’Connell published data around the internal structure of the clitoris. Yes, you read that correct….1998! So, to say that we have limited understanding of female pleasure would be an understatement. Let’s get back to finding out exactly what squirting is and how you can do it (if you want to give it a try).

What is it?

Put simply. Squirting is basically the expulsion of fluid from the vulva. It really is that simple

Is it Pee?

Yes and No. The fluid does actually some urea. But is also contains uric acid and creatinine which is released by the skene gland. The skene gland is thought to be part of what causes squirting, however not all women have a skene gland which could possibly be why not all women squirt. and is located right at the lower part of the urethra. The skene gland is located right at the lower part of the urethra, which could explain why there is some urea in the fluid. Most women who squirt report the fluid as clear and odourless, unlike urine.

Is it always a gush of fluid?

No. Not always. Squirting can be a trickle or it can soak the sheets. There are no hard and fast rules. Some people are able to squirt multiple times during sex or before or after an orgasm

Is it the same as an orgasm?

Yes and No. While many refer to it as “female ejaculation” it isn’t necessarily that. Because so little is known about it, there isn’t any evidence to suggest it is in fact an orgasm. Many women report feeling more, less, or entirely different feelings than a regular orgasm when they squirt.

Can I make it happen every time?

Well maybe. But there is no guarantee. Certain positions and products may help but its not a definite. Little is known about both squirting and the skene gland which means it may be different for everyone. Some even suggest that not everyone has a skene gland at all.

How come I don’t squirt like a pornstar?

Like most things about porn, it can be fake or exaggerated. Squirting rarely is a huge waterfall of fluid that just gushes out as it does in porn. As a reminder, please do not compare your sex life to porn. Lighting, editing, angles and actors make a big difference to the final product you see.

Will I enjoy it?

Well I guess that depends on whether you intended to or not, how comfortable you are with your body and what you think it is. But the good news is that a 2013 study of squirting suggested that 79% of participants and 90% of their partners said that squirting enhanced their sex lives.

What helps?

One theory is that providing clitoral and g-spot stimulation together can lead to squirting. Using a dual stimulator like Amethyst may be able to help in this case.

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