Choosing Toys

Choosing a toy, whether your first or 50th toy can be exceptionally overwhelming. There are so many choices, styles, colours, promises of the best orgasms of your life! We have set out to help assist. On our site, next to each toy you will be find a comprehensive description of the toy and how it works. We have included animations on some of the ways that you can use your toy (however feel free to elaborate yourself if you wish). Our information is meant to assist so that you can understand how the toy works. It can be extremely daunting to get a new toy, be so excited to open it up and then look at is as if it is a foreign object from outer space! Here at Elixir play, we want you to be empowered and information is empowering. So we hope you enjoy having a look around. If for any reason you still have questions, please feel free to reach out to our friendly team.

Things to ask yourself:

  1. Do I want internal or external or both?
    This can really help you narrow down. Given that most women need external stimulation, often something for your clitoris is great option. If however you love the feeling of fullness inside, then something internal may be more suitable. Keep in mind that many internal toys can be used to stimulate your clitoris as well!
  2. Is it just for me or my partner as well?

If it is just for you, then think about which areas you prefer. If however it is for use with your partner, then it is important to consider how they will feel. Many men are comfortable with their partners using toys and actually find it erotic. However, for a first time, perhaps a more benign, non-penis looking toy could be more fun? Try and chat to your partner about this. Many men love using toys on their partners so you may be surprised!

  1. How obvious do I want my toy to be?

In our dream world, buying or talking or owning sex toys will be as common and well accepted as condoms. However, if you are concerned about your toy, feel free to choose a toy that is a little more subtle. Perhaps something like Aphrodite (link to Aphrodite product here)

  1. Where are you using your toy?

This may sound strange, however if you want something to take away with you, or even out on a date with your partner then choosing a toy that allows you to do that may be helpful. All our toys are USB rechargeable so you can pop them in your bag and take them wherever your heart desires

  1. Comfort

Last but certainly not least, how comfortable are you with your toy and do you love the way it looks and makes you feel. Our self image and consciousness is a completely internal feeling. Making sure you are excited and curious and ready for fun will always help make the process more enjoyable. Buying a toy should be a really exciting time and an opportunity to explore your own body. If you feel you need a little more help, feel free to check out our sexual health resources here (link to sexual health) and take some time to get to know and feel comfortable and confident in your body.

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