Body Positive

I recently had my very first body positive photo shoot for Elixir Play. You know how sometimes in your life you realise that something you are doing is bigger than you? And you get to be part of it? Well, that is exactly how I felt. Below you will see the very first image from this series. I could not be more proud of this moment. So check it out, read the story of how the day unfolded and join me in my goal this year. Which is to celebrate women! Our bodies, our sensuality, our sexuality. Let’s set a better world for our kids and make some meaningful change.

The background to this photo was 5 women, who had never met and were given a brief to wear whatever makes them feel sexy. I was so nervous on the day, worried how everyone would get along, would they all feel comfortable, how would it turn out etc. And yet, the minute these women met, they were so incredibly kind, complimentary and supportive of each other.

As I watched from behind the camera as they all posed together, laughed, shared stories of their partners/kids/bodies/lives that this was a moment I would never forget. Not because it was my brand, but because I was watching what could happen if we all just loved ourselves a little more. If we were comfortable in our own skin and able to step outside the realms of who and what everyone wants us to be. The photos you are going to see over the coming weeks show a group of women who you would probably think are besties. The laughs, smiles and way they hold hands or chatted together were all real. No one asked them to do those things. They just formed a bond that made me realise how powerful we as women could be if we banded together.

You will notice our new tagline which is “All bodies are different. Our toys are too”. Our toys really are unique. They are designed knowing that all women have different shapes and sizes. The bend and flex is so that they can move with the curves of your body.

So I hope you love them. I hope you are as proud of these women as I am. And I really, really hope it inspires you to feel sexy. Whatever that looks like to you. We are all capable of this regardless of our size, shape and past experience. We just have to find it in ourselves.

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